Friday, July 15, 2011

Fresh and Ripe .. GROW YOUR OWN .. while wearing a black G -String Bikini

I moved to Prince George, as a young girl, at the tender-hearted age of 6, to start grade 1. Duncley, was the small lumber mill town that we moved from, close to my birth town of Quesnel. Born in 1960; Elvis was still alive and flower-children were everywhere,  peaceful living and unconditional love, was free flowing and the world was gorgeously growing ...

Now, at the rawsomely rooted age of 51, I am proud to share that a supernatural seed was planted within me, 16 years ago, in Vancouver, B.C. Single mommy, homeschooling teacher, certified raw food workshop leader, lover of life, and liver of the magical moment, I have so much to be grateful for - LOVE!

After my own "Amazing Mommy" ( as my son refers to me ...), passed away, 4 years ago, I wrote the most appreciative eulogy that a daughter could ever write and bestow upon one's 'first love.' And, then, this 100% raw, vegan valiant heroine, of close to 10 years, went into her niece's backyard to bake her suntanned skin in the Norther sun, and stand in bare-footed awe, at the rawk'n rhubarb at my Goddess-sent feet ...

And, one more youtube legend was made!

Thus going to prove, that you can grow beauty, anywhere. Fresh air, healthy water and a love-spent hand, can make for a greener, cleaner world. Especially when we walk upon our own heavenly earth; with not only an innate aptitude. Yet, most and ever magically, a sense of gratitude that makes our pure and precious presence known to every flower in our garden. 

May we all breathe in gentle reminders of what is real.

Creating The Breast Life,

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