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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Body is My Temple

                 My body is my temple
              Built upon firmest foundation

              Primary personal example

                  Conscious Creation

                 My body is my soul

           Wondrous work of infinite art

              Me as part of the whole

                Most precious part

            My body is my vessel

        Purest energies of only mine

          Demons; no need wrestle

           Calm waters - sublime

            My body is my gift

     Grateful for unconditional love

       Victorious vibrations do lift

        Magical me ...  high above !

        Katherine Marion


Last night, after 2 hrs in the late afternoon sun,
writing out daily gratitude's in my journal, and
readngBarbara Colorosso's, "Kids are Worth It!"
, I biked with a fervour, to my 55 minute TCM
healing treatment at New Feet.

Beginning to sob, as my compassionate healer,
 who owns her own acupuncture clinic in Bejing,
dug into dozens of deep knots and emotional pain,
in my shoulders. Years of sadness, grief, and
unrequited emotions, buried in my tissues.

Cutting like a knife, her knowing fingers . moved
with acute accuracy and knowing. Getting that
lowered Chi ... flowing...

And, that was before my bike ride to a local
raw cafe, for a large piece of chocolate ganache
cake, topped with raspberries, and a 40 minute
power workout on the weight room.

Later, I watched China's fabulous firework's display,
 light up the sky, from a safe harbour in Kitsilano.
Speaking to an older East Indian man - about our polar
 shift and the safest place to possibly live, during this
 tumultuous time.

Afterwards, I went shopping for more organic
vegan foods of the rawstruck variety. Talking
to a recently divorced fellow Goddess, about
how she decided to marry herself. She even
showed me the silver ring, crafted by Mexican
artisan's. A worthwhile $8.00 investment
of far-stretching Canadian dollars.

Soon after; devouring 2 wickedly wonderful
piece of delectable raw pizza - worth living for -
before taking my sturdy metal warrior for an
intense spin up the hill .. for an invigorating
35 minute beautifying bath in the negative ion-
charged summer rain.

Now, to eat a large green kale and red cabbage
 salad, fermented Botija olives, saurkraut, and
avocado .. before watching a well deserved movie,
 with one sleepy and affectionate  teenage son, who
merely wants  to cuddle and fall asleep in his powerful
 Mommy's tanned and toned - yet, more than all else -
loving arms!

Bless us all.

Owning my power,

special K


This pic was taken of me,this past evening, as i worked out ...

Happy to be alive .. after being in and out of bed, for the past

wounded week, with that Fukishima bug
that came in with Vancouver's recent low-lying cloud cover.

Our bodies always speak our truth.

Listening and Loving,


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