Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Books at My Bedside

The books at my bedside

keep me close to heart

The books at my bedside

remind me where to start

The books at my bedside

always remember to share

The books at my bedside

showing me that they care

The books at my bedside

reveal the Goddess in me

The books at my bedside

truly set my spirits free

The books at my bedside

my greatest trusted friends

The books at my bedside

truth be told; never ends!

Katherine Marion


As i awakened from one more most lucid dream,
this very early sumptuous Sunday morn,  I
looked upon the lovely lilies in their gorgeous
green vase - looking back at me ...

A voice within, so sagely suggested I
bring my enlisted lovelies to rest at
a peaceful they love best - next to me!

Well, .lo and behold, i quickly thought to myself,
and no one else, " Wow! That's a lot of water. What
if ..." Sure enough, a major spill .. thus occurred.
Right alongside and under my bed.

I really do not mind, wiping my beaten-up
hardwood floor with a trusty old towel. Nor even
picking up the wet and empty sued check
book. What I really cry to see being hurt, are
my blessed books!

Upon safely retrieving my holy pages, and
lovingly placing them upon my eco-
friendly bed, before carrying them out
into the living room to dry in front of
the heater - I began to caress a few of
their healing heads. Stroking their
precious pages with love and remembrance,
I have decided to share a few of their

"Chakra Energy" -  Keith Sherwood

" The Storyteller's Goddess " by
   Carolyn McVicar Edwards

"Illuminations " - Stephen C. Paul

  and Gary Mac Collins

 "Grandmother Moon" - Szuzsanna

   E. Budapest

 " The Holy Book of Womens Mysteries"

   Szuzsanna E. Budapest

 "Chakra Frequencies" - Jonathan

   Goldman and Andi Goldman

 "Positivity" - Barbara L. Frederickson

 "Women Who Run With The Wolves"

 Clarissa Pindola Estes Ph.D.

"Anatomy Of The Spirit"

  Caroline Myss, PH.D.

"The World Needs Your Kid"

 Craig Kielberger/Marc Kielberger

 and Shelley Page

"The Power Of NOW"

 Eckhart Tolle

"Dreams of the Goddess"

 Scarlett Rose

"Yoga Body, Buddha Mind"

 Cyndi Lee

"All Women are Healers"

  Diane Stein

" The Families Guide To

  Health and Healing"

 Anne Maria Clement, Ph.D, N.M.D.

"One Hundred and One Famous Poems"


 Now, this is not to even mention;

 Napoleon Hill's classic: "Think and Grow

 Rich," which i recently uncovered, after

 sitting in misery, in that mess in the second

 bedroom, that my teenager son, sometimes

 often likes to refer to, as "The Doom Room."

 Who knows, maybe he will help to clean

  it up, before Xmas, and we shall discover

  even more magic ...

  Wow! Now,  I have so many books to read,

  as I sit under a bright light, surrounded by

  by a few wet wonders  ... and many other

  trusted unspoiled Sisters and Brothers  -

  whom I would rather be with none others!


  1. Brilliant, feeling and heart-full telling of your love. Thank you for sharing this, K K.

  2. Dearest Lyndsey,

    I have been blogging .. this blog, along with a wee bite ..of flogging .. since inception - 09

    Most .. devoted divinely who to whom is mine-ly

    King Kaelin- of course

    I appreciate that you are a true appreciator of mine
    this is a blessing to me!

    special K