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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On Holdiay - Everyday!

From now on

on holiday ...


No more

not a way

will i pay

for others

sins upon me

i am free

this life

walk wild

love's child

one world

hearts many

toss a  penny

hope lasts

lives end

scars mend

tears drop

paint dries

love never dies!

Katherine Marion


After being divinely inspired, post reading a blog
by Santa Clause with a Cause, whom i am
blessed to have met on my pretty facebook
profile page - here I AM

Hope for the holidays,


pluck my hair

in a mirror

filled with fear

my one heart

loner teen son

lost everyone

I  am all

to this child

joy defiled

once i lived

now feel dead

unhappy head

mean people

rule this planet

can't stand it

love stays

when shown

goodness grown

some want out

let me inside

spirits ride

hope lives now

happiness mine

Goddess, divine!

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