Monday, December 19, 2011

Ms. Clause Wears No Bra's

                           Ms. Clause wears no bra's

                       just as me and my brother, saw's ...

                           Ms. Clause wears no bra's

                          no ass dare raise guffaw's 

                           Ms. Clause wears no bra's

                        those twins really have no flaws

                           Ms. Clause wears no bra's

                         breast way to break 'm laws!

                          Ms. Clause wears no bra's

                        oughtta be good enough cause

                          Ms. Clause wears no bra's 

                       we heard she likes it in the raw's

                          Ms. Clause wears no bra's 

                       watch where ya put your paws

                          Ms. Clause wears no bra's

                     look out ... when that N.Pole thaws!

                          Katherine Marion



                           Some gals stuff their bra's ... 

                      Me, I just say, "these gift's aren't 
                      your's to unwrap." Then, I says; 

                      Now , watch out where them

                     little teeth grnaw's ..."


                      You got it .. the only thing


                       My animals!!!


                       This sweet vision of me, was
                        captured, yesterday afternoon.
                        Enjoy, and hope you've been
                        "a good little boy!"




  1. Dear Mrs. Claus, So glad you wear no bras
    My eyes rest her for more than a pause.

    With visions of your sweet breasts
    dancing in my head,
    I can not get settled in my cold wintry bed.

    So up I spring and get back on my feat
    To spy once more upon your womanly treats.

  2. In the raw's .. this bra-less
    always gives ..

    thanks for your pretty titty ditty!
    hee hee

    Love Her and She

    Magically Me