Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Time to S_ _ IT... them out!

                                    Others stand around staring

                                    at my 'headlight's' - glaring

                                    rarely are they, barely faring

                               losing sight of KIND and CARING

                                   Not even 'getting' who I am

                                  just a BODY, they hope to slam

                                  blind to realize their own sham

                                no wonder- most of my life .. I ran!

                                  I slowed down so they could see

                                   finding out i was no longer free

                                     proving myself is not for me

                                    "Men?" - rather climb a tree!


                                     Multitudes rarely communicate

                                       Many, so poorly .. fornicate

                                      I'd rather - divinely defecate

                                    of 'shit's ;  choosing not to wait!

                                      Katherine Marion

                                      Maybe i will feel much better, now.
                                      After blocking  - on facebook - a Satanist from
                                      San Fran, who has mis-created a whole hot-bed
                                      of hellish video's centered around "climbing" my "magical
                                      mountains," I am rather burned out from
                                      what all too often feels to be a hell of a loveless


                                      Oh, and that's not to mention, also blocking a well
                                      known celebrity psychic, who sent me the url for the
                                      recent radio interview he did, for a hot hostess in New
                                      York, who was analyzed by him and his partner - on air,
                                       much to the couple's chagrin.

                                       Well, if his antics weren't already enough .. sending me
                                       a private message on fb, allowing me to so uncouthily
                                        (it is a word, now ) tell me that he really wants to "eat"
                                        my wee kitty - shall my say ... And, that he has " a c__
                                        as big as a porn star."

                                        All, i did was write back, "Then, why didn't you say that ...
                                        your recent radio interview?"

                                        Two fools .. blocked in one night.


                                        And, that is not even talking about what is happening in
                                        my own so called - personal - life.

                                        Goddess, may i dream of a solution-based reality that
                                         I am creating. Even if it feels as if I am all alone - so
                                         much of the pain-staking time.


                                          Upcoming; my next miracle: " For The Best Interests of
                                          The Child."
                                          A Support Group for parents who have lost their children
                                          to The Ministry of Children and Families.

                                         The more stings I get .. the more I am able to realize how
                                          truly amazing i truly must be.

                                          Otherwise, why would all of those dirty, deadly, "THEY'
                                          keep bothering with, harassing, bullying, badgering .. and
                                          being blinded by me???????

                                          Purring Kat with all the cream

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