Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In a Mirror

pluck my hair

in a mirror

filled with fear

my one heart

loner teen son

lost everyone

I  am all

to this child

joy defiled

once i lived

now feel dead

unhappy head

mean people

rule this planet

can't stand it

love stays

when shown

goodness grown

some want out

let me inside

spirits ride

hope lives now

happiness mine

Goddess, divine!

Katherine Marion


Some days, we just wake up and bump our head!

Last morn, it all started, when my son leaned

over to kiss me and knocked into me, instead.

My dreams had been far from even good

Aching to 'talk them out, ' as anyone ought

Crying was I , while faraway, Angels stood

Abandoned by my son at the railway ties

screaming out for Greg to stop race walking

even my teen, refused to hear my lost cries

Betrayed by the baby i once held so close

let down by the x i left many decades ago

feeling as only the lone and lost last rose

Lonelier than a beggar on the ugly street

all I ever wanted was to live for real love

few too many hearts,  these tears do meet

Still i hold hope for a braver, new day

count my blessings for sunshine of heart

For even deaf mutes might have their say!

Katherine Marion


I am ready to let go of some responsibility.

Too much hurt for a lifetime feeling lost.

Pain upon old hurts - lay embossed.

Cast negativity from my wounded side

Bring in light to heal my worldly wounds

Goddess, this prayer is none too soon!!!!


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