Wednesday, December 14, 2011


                  Even though you are a mere fiftenn
                  too much .. your gentle innocence

                  has already painfully felt and seen

                  At that tender age of only eight years

                  upon your sweet, selfless elfish self

                  sick minds - projected all their fears

                 Taking you away, 8 days before Xmas

                  4 armed police officers; woke you up

                  asleep in your bed, barely time to dress

                  Now, you have no one to help you grow

                  into the man you must gracefully become

                  I feel there is so little that I once did  know

                  Yesterday, I could cradle you in my arms

                   scoop you up and hold you to my breast

                   keep you safe from so many worldly harms

                   So much pain has entered your loving life

                   no one has ever begged  for forgiveness

                   even online, trolls stick in their nasty knife

                   Your emotionally mature, beyond your time

                   never a tear do you choose to safely shed

                   what happened to the boy who did shine?

                  Ignorance has robbed us of our infinite  joy

                  Goddess  pray you are safe, wherever you are

                  my very special - sad,  and lost, little  boy!

                  Katherine Marion


                Kaelin, unknowing to me, asked the magic
                man, Vitaly Beckman, to borrow $10.00, " for a
                ride home," after I had hired him to teach my son
                his second class of MAGIC TRICKS.

               Pulling a 'fast one,' I have not heard from his
               since he called me at home, at 3:30 - yesterday.
               Not a word have I heard...

               It is almost 4 am, right now. Already, my heart
               has been skipping beats for hours. Thumping
               in my chest from chronic debilitating stress.

              Maybe i will pray for myself, too!

              Concerned momma K


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