Sunday, December 11, 2011

That's why they call her: "Mother Sun."

                     Pretty cotton and lovely lace
                 Anything less .. a divine disgrace!

                     Pure woman; sweet and soft

                To Goddess; your hat;  be doffed

                  Ample cleavage - bursting forth

                Mighty mountains peaking - up North

                  Sampling fave fare in her kitchen

                My, doesn't she look mighty fetch'n?

                   She serves it cool, vegan and fun

                 Just why they call her: " Mother Sun."

                  'All hell' could break loose, any time

                   Sexy, savvy, served up so sublime

                  Heaven was never so raw and real

                   Divine dishes; served up with zeal

                 Book your holiday order, right away

                  Making you the most delicious day

                  Checking my list ;    your yummy name

                  Goddess' gifts - or, tsk, tsk, such a shame!

                  Katherine Marion


                  And, just think ... or, don't ... I was planning
                  on writing something quite serious.Good
                  thing, I changed my magical mind.

                  Call to order your "Date with a nut."

                 With humor and happiness,


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