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Sunday, October 21, 2012

King Kaelin Wants a Calico Cat

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
at our home
by the sea

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
living there
pups and me

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
climbing our
Arbutus Tree

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
leaving Van
brave and free

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
as one we knew
content; was he

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
purring for him

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
fur; soft as silk
content as can be

King Kaelin
wants a Calico Cat
his to really love
bonding; beautifully!

Katherine Marion

After Kaelin's Grandma; my beloved Mommy - Thelma- passed away, uneccesarily, a few
grief-stricken years ago, my son really wanted something .. to love.

One eve, he rescued a Motherless baby bird, out of a tree. Only to have it suffocate in his
 long hair, that he used as a  nest, while he slept.

A mere 11 at the time.. Yet, still  so innocent, trusting, and full of light.

He sobbed, hysterically.

Then another bird - different story ..

We performed a burial in the back yard of our pretty UBC rental.

Next, a gorgeous Lab dog, came to him ... no collar  or ID.

Spectacular to watch them fly through the fields ... for 2 days, untill
he was delivered back to the lonely little girl's .. across the street.

It was the Cat .. who kept coming back - though. everything and everyone
else seemed to die or be taken away  ...

Now, i ask him, " Do you still want that Love Bird, you mentioned... years ago?"
At ever so sauve, 16, he tells me," No. I'm more of a CAT Kind' a GUY."


So, I am giving my darling son - Pussy - before Xmas.

Should be nice.

Mooma K - something's a good Mother, doesn't have to
ask twice.


Maybe when we move to our Pacific Island, we need bring oue Marpole


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