Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One more 'grown man'

One more 'grown man'
last night
to slam

One more 'grown man'
in fright
to slam

One more 'grown man'
made right
to slam

One moe 'grown man'
saw truth

Katherine Marion


Raising dogs can be a very painful 'job,'if
you don't own your power.

They will piss all over your shoes.
Devour your slipers.

Trample your flower beds.
Shit in your garden of Love

Bruise your legs; bounding off of you.
Puke on your polished floors.

Beg for any old stink';n bone
Or, you can warn them, "you'r going home."

So I did,

I was with my puppies, tied to a tree. Them - not me.
At the local organic whole foods store, spending
money for my furless and furry family.

Outside, content to chew on a couple of Elk Steaks,
Thelma and her baby Brother, bided man-made
time, awaiting their Alpha female master

All of a sudden .. i see him.
Oh, Goddss. Now what ...
Breathe .. Katherine
Just inhale ...

K.D. Lang has a song of the
same snaest ilk...

His face is gnarled in furor.

Thee is no way in my own
heaven.. that i am gonna let
him intrude on my PEACE.

So, i allow ..  him to know.

Cause i choose not to be
privy to his far from pretty
'pity party.'

He calls me, " Cold."

I am
It is only a mere 6 degrees out there!
And, i did not bother to wear more
than one layer of Lululemon.

What must have i been thinking!

I begin to warm ..

After i tell him that i do not want
him to carry my many bags of
groceries home, IF he plans on
behaving in his scowling faced
way, he almost has a temper
tantrum on the street

Well, this sinle momma who must
be out of her rental by the end of
the month  .. and so much more ..
has nil energy to expend on those
who's wanton will's won't bend.

He puts them .. down and i am
all too willing .. for him to divinely

He thinks .. better. And picks up .. yet,
not where he left off.

We walk. Or, more like .. he crawls.
I sugggest; he breathe. Barely.
Although he must have .. For he did
arrive at my front door.

I carried the 2-ply toilet paper and paper
towels up the stairs. For, i still had his
heavy burden to leave .. behind.
He followed...

I said "Thank you.": He was
a gentleman. At my muddied feet; carefully
depositing high alkaline greens ..
 that he knew could turn his own demeanour,right
around. A lot healther that that starchy, yeast-laden
gluteneous muffin, he mentioned that he '
ignorantly ate, hours of soaring blood sugar
and empty calories .. before.

"I really need someone to help me, " he
tried moaning .. again.

"Breathe, " I reminded him.

There was more .. That is enough
.. aleady, about him, for now.

If he lived here .. in the present..his pain
would not have occured.

Is it a wonder that he almost lives on '
the steet, has bedbugs as playmates in
his cheap digs by the river.
That is not a question.

I am his friend. As far as i care .. to tow'

I KNOW me.

And, i have one stuggling teen, and 2 puppies. Not too
mention 'motherless' and 'fatherless; me. - seeking
Peace and co-creating consscious community.

All i can do , is give thanks for what few .. possess
A damn good attitude.

A Woman of Independence sometimes has to pull
the leash in .. to get out of what may have .. inadvertendly,
 be put in place .. to trip her up.

Well, gotta unpack those tres chic .. groceries, now.

Soon to Sup ...

Feeding time for me and a 2 of the sacred same; loyal, obedient and
very well behaved loving Pup!!!

Purring Kat

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