Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I love him like a broken brother

I love him like a broken brother
today counts
and none other

I love him like a broken brother
yesterday's gone
ran for cover

I love him like a broken brother
alone is better
never to shove HER

I love him like a broken brother
looking after me
his Son's Mother!

Katherine Marion


He hugged me the other night in the bank,
before I kindly cashed a cheque for his female
"roomate's" share of the rent - on a Saturday eve.

He reeked of alcohol from the night before ...

I personally like to hug.
 Not anyone, anymore, though.
A lot more discerning with my sharing's ..

Thank Goddess.

Yet, how could i not hug the male who gave me
a part of my son .. to weave into such a wondrous
tapestry . that is not even finished .. yet?

He rocked back and forth . I could tell he really
needed it.
And, ME ...

I was mainly thinking of how affectionate he
was .. when he wanted something .. just like ...

 Hard to ignore.

I hid my P.I.N. as I punched in the magic
money .. numbers.

He did manage to turn .. the other way

We both knew.

No one said a thing.

Our son could barely stay awake .. already sleeping in
a chair at a local coffee shop, after a visit .. waiting for
"Her" to come and take care of one more ...

Good thing i forgive 'trespasses against' me.
Besides, all that really hits home .. is compassion.

I have so many children...

No wonder i am single!


It has been 2 years since I last saw him. That was soon after
the Xmas where he called me a "Cun_," for something or
nothing at all.

I have learned to not take it to heart. Expecially when some
.. are rarely in theirs.

I have become a stronger person with the knowing that
is up to me to do the growing .. when another can or will

I have dedicated my life to letting go .. of what and who ..
does not count. Rather .. counting my blessings ...

I have seen too much to be bothered by little loveless

I have heard too little to not listen to my own inner

I have trusted those outside of my comfort zone, after
they .. their chances of reconciliation .. blown.

I have known for the longest loveliest while .. that it
 is ME who looks back in my mirror ..
and must Smile!

No one else.

With gratitude for my own gracious atttude.
And, and at the same sanest time - giving myself
most if not - all - of the consciousness-raising credit,

Very special K


He did offer me half of the funds. Pretty generous, considering
all  of any monies .. go into  raising the young man in the magical
making .. who has rarely, if ever .. really received any KIND
of child support from the broken-boy of a 'dad' who says " I
love you, " so very easily and effortlessly.

Sending out Love and remaining Honest with myself, the
person who matters, first and foremost,

Momma K.


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