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Saturday, October 27, 2012

I am Supernatural

                                                                                                    I am Superantural
                                                    beyond factual

                                           inner wealth
                                          my 'cash flow'

                                                       I am Supernatural
                                                         never bashful

                                                           true health
                                                        ever satisfactual

                                                       I am Supernatural
                                                           upper shelf

                                                          sweet stealth
                                                       certainly to excell

                                                        I am Supernatural
                                                            uber milf

                                                            to  melteth                   
                                                            what if ...?

                                                         I am Supernatural
                                                             kit kat still

                                                              sexy elf
                                                            new capsule

                                                          I am Supernatural
                                                             love's fill

                                                              uphill ...


                                                         Katherine Marion


               As i ready to re-invent myself, again, and move to a whole new 'playful
station' in my new life "as a puppy," or, shall i say, 'purring puss,' I am shedding old dead,
worn-out tired layers of lovelessness. That cost me more .. than this swimsuit that i am barely

Picture taken by P at The Queen Elizabeth Gardens, Vancouver, B.C. - Mid August 2012

So, this is how 'it looks' on me - to wear 52!
How about you ...?



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