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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Martyr's Die Young and Penniless

Martyr's die young
and penniless

firstly; they steal
your party dress

dying to undress

thirdly; they make
your life - a mess

fourthly; to suck
life, as they regress

fiftly, they betray
your innocence

sixthly; sick mind
forever does protest

seventhly;they drain
your hope's, immense

eighthly; old habits
mar your magnificence

ninthly; they hold
your spirit as hostage

tenthly; new re-birth
can be painfully savage

Katherine Marion

As I rekindle my own fires .. I see an old insane self
dying away ..

That is quite alright. For they will never touch my soul
that sails .. sanely and satisfied, forever free to make
or break .. my life and selves, up and over - again.

This is my loving life and you are simply riding the
stage-coach who's wheels' are merely in motion ..
because of me and the magic I choose no longer contain.

For, an emptied vessel .. you can never drain.

The pain you feel is your own.
So, do as you've kindly be shown ...

Leave the room and don't come back
until you; your dirty thoughts .. you
do retract.

Which is surely never.

Thus, glad this poem is written...
with warmth and wonder - wrapped
ever so clever!

Good riddance,
Very special K


With the good forune .. to know how an
abuser,perpetrator, abuser, psychopath  'works,'
I trust that someone' get's i't - before experience
has to also make himself ..her unforgiving teacher.

Come home, King Kaelin.

And, all you others .. being so blindly misled.

Separate your wants from you needs and focus
on your strengths .. many.

"Amazing Mommy" K



  1. nice poem…you truly have a gift with your keen sense of self and your direction etc. but there are many ways to look at the same scenario and to ask other's opinions does not mar your dress or even rain on your parade. To think unkindly and judgementally toward them ( as the not self does all the time as it is not real and is the duality of our nature only) is only pigeonholing yourself in corners of feelings etc..and it is all not real..only you can save yourself from your mind Katherine learn how to use it...
    See we all one ( absolutely no one-or nothing) can do anything to you that you do not fiirstly think up and judge it as being so.. so its YOUR CREATION when it regards the OTHER ones in your life. Katherine, in all these years I have been trying to show you that you are not seeing things with the eye of spirit but with the lower not self who is always offended or feeling slighted, filled with pride, it is not real and you are never alone , you are wrapped in the arms of the one ( your highest self) who truly gets you and loves you…never think other, …sometimes feeling on top of the world like a roller coaster..illusion Kat..

    Katherine my friend who I have loved as a sister on the path all these years…reach out and get that we are more then our fact the physical is nothing but illusion ( comparing, all that) as you will see when you leave this world that it all dissolves leaving only what you have loved in the ashes of your desiring.. will there be much left in those ashes when all illusion is burned away…will there be the gold of the authentic self left over do you think Katherine?
    we are spirit ---all spirit Katherine the great--and only matter what..unless we got sidetracked by our illusions..our energy that we invest is telling; we need to understand who we are ( not the screeching monkeys jealous, always competing etc) and create accordingly with this awesomeness not of this world...and in that zone…we are unperturbable…let go…just hook up to your beautiful higher self , not the one looking back to you seemingly in the mirror of your life..illusion Narcissus, judging in the mirror of non divinity and control and power…that is the false self. which is witch Katherine are you bewitched by the lower self..the ol hominoid genes we do share, but we are so much higher..fight those thoughts. Leave it behind and appraoch your highest self with all humility... who you really are…open that gate and walk higher higher up those stairs…to see that you are one with everyone and look even further …see those physicals you detest so much..the ones that has you so anxious..ha! They are not real..what is real? go to the higher self and chosse to think only its thoughts …meditate..and just let thers be beautiful truly like you in that state…never mind the is all mired in the mirror of the non self ( all moneky logic and not real believe me) ..Katherine do not be the non self…be the Atman the highest self and that self is not of this world it is outta this world…be kind as that is all that is real..Do unto others as you want…as the others in your world are your concoctions of them and not who they really are..relate to them all as if they were holy beyond reckoning like you are in your authentic state…choose katherine every moment …your ATman thioughts or the monkey …anyone else understand what I am trying to convey?

  2. Jeannie,

    This is my forum.

    No one is the expert on what i feel .. except me.

    As i have so sagely suggested, go and bult your own mountain to climb atop and yell out . to the world.

    My word - is mine.

    You have no idea where my urgings come from or what my intentions are ...

    Refrain from projecting on my plane, please.

    By the way, i was referng to myself .. in this poem.

    Take your left brain linear intillectualizing of what my truth is, and let it go.

    I am inspired and inspiring.

    You are welcome for my gifts, teachings and truth-telling.

    I am here to show the way...

    Shining my light,

    Love katherine