Friday, May 10, 2013

I Helped a Gal at the Doggie Park

                          I helped a gal at the doggie park
                          to know she was 'down'
                          one did not have to be too smart
                          from where she was parked
                          my heart felt her frown
                          upon conversation to embark
                          before leaving dog-forsaken town

                         Mathy; "Like Kathy' with an M"
                         her 'cards,' before she left
                         part Wolf pup and her;  that's them
                         more than a little bereft
                         family or origin; pain does stem..
                         compassion does attest
                         'Women' stronger than men

                         Blood is merely 10 months young
                         her cat is just 18 years old
                         a war that seems far from won
                         that heart 46; brave and bold
                         victories; as yet unsung
                         stories 'dying' to be told
                         'dirty laundry' yet, unhung

                       I hugged her like the soul sis she is
                       holding me tight as can be
                       knowing real love to soon miss
                       feeling the love within me
                       what is that or they or this
                       when we don't set ourselves free
                       allowing empathies kindest kiss!

                       Katherine Marion


                     Earlier, yesterday, i began reading Peter Legge's
                     sure to be classic and already a Canadian bestseller;
                     "The Power of Tact."

                    Later, we two women gracefully removed Blood from
                    my not as yet, bleeding 'bitch,' Thelma, at the doggie
                    park. Even now, I am grateful to remind myself how easy it is
                    to be kind to another .. particularly in their or our own
                    'time of distress.'

                    And all we need to do .. continually put affirmative words .. into
                    blessed action. Thus, passing one more earthly 'test.'

                    How easy it is to love another.

                    Far simpler than being smug enough to remove oneself
                    from the earthly 'race.'

                    special K doing the best for those who choose not

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