Monday, May 13, 2013

A Lonely Mothers' Day

                                            A lonely Mothers' day
                                            when no one
                                            calls to say ..
                                            " I love you."

                                            A lonely Mothers. day
                                            when beloved son
                                            does not come
                                            to visit or stay

                                            A lonely Mothers' day
                                            when all alone
                                            lies hurt
                                            truth be known

                                            A lonely Mothers' day                                      
                                            seems everyone
                                            other than 'you'
                                            receives 'violets blue'

                                            A lonely Mothers' day
                                            feels unbearable
                                            at rotten best
                                            alive - passed' 'this' test

                                            A lonely Mother's day
                                            fed a motherless boy
                                            fresh foods
                                            compassion to employ

                                            A lonely Mothers' day
                                            puppies offer me solace
                                            unconditonal loving
                                            tears nary a trace

                                            A lonely Mother's day
                                            heart broken
                                            a whole lot more
                                            telling token

                                            A lonely Mothers' day
                                            sharing our story
                                            my duty must be done
                                            Real Motherly Glory!

                                            Katherine Marion


                                            I am soon to publish an international bestseller;
                                            betelling of the beauty that was never possessed ..
                                            merely caressed
                                            as one
                                            or two
                                            happy hearts
                                            would hold carefully onto
                                            heaven's healing shell

                                            never did i realize
                                            nor my now, as yet, unforgiving son;
                                            that many doom and gloomsayers'
                                            lost in this wounded world ...

                                            would not find themselves
                                            and love's truth
                                            within their own broken down
                                            hell house of ill repute
                                            and ranting rebuke

                                            as long as even ONE
                                            hold's onto another
                                            most special Mother
                                            there is Hope

                                            Please dear Goddess - bring me some .. Son

                                            Love's Light does heal and cure all lack of wonders and woes,

                                            "Amazing Mommy"






  1. Katherine,

    I also spent Mother's Day alone. I'm not a Mum, but my Mum wasn't in town and I wished she was so I could spend some time with her.

    It's sad to read your son isn't with you on that all-important day. I hope he comes home soon.

  2. We saw each other, last night, and i am blessed!
    I reached out and held not onto anything .. that was not real .. other than his warm and open hand.
    Who am I ; such as his earthly Mother - to know or understand what is going on in the mind of a teen in this day and age!
    Thus, to be grateful and continue forward ..

    Besides , on M's Day, with my own Mom having passed away too many years ago, i wondered: " Who am i most grateful upon this hallowed day?"
    thus, re-organizing and arranging my friend's penthouse where i have been afforded 'time ' to safely stay, until new wonders .. make magical headway

    Sorry you did not see your Mom as you would have wished

    Thanks you for the kindness .. to me, you have so divinely dished ...

    Sealed with a's Kiss
    Love katherine