Monday, May 20, 2013

I Am the Heart that Heals

                                        I am the heart that heals
                                        I am the soul that appeals
                                        I am the spirit that squeels
                                        I am the body that feels

                                        I am the mind that matters
                                        I am the truth that splatters
                                        I am the shine that shatters
                                        I am the breath that gathers

                                        I am the hope that remains
\                                       I am the touch that re-claims
                                        I am the shadow that tames
                                        I am the light that attains          

                                        I am the wisdom that lives
                                        I am the forgiver that gives
                                        I am the trusted that rids
                                        I am the believer that bids ...!

                                         Katherine Marion


                                        It is now considered to be a 'long weekend,'
                                        and i am short on sleep.

                                       More love .. is all that my longing .. asks for.

                                      As much as i bequeth unto others - shall i receive from mine
                                      sisters and brothers,

                                      Special K

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