Saturday, May 11, 2013

There'e a Real Man for Me

                                     There's a real man for me
                                     courageous of heart
                                     as can be

                                     Working within .. his light; to see

                                     There's a real man for me
                                     awareness of mind
                                     creating clarity

                                     Greatness comes from living truthfully

                                     There's a real man for me
                                     gentlest of nature
                                     kind with charity

                                    Valuing life and the living - intrinsically

                                    There's a real man for me
                                    expressive of emotion
                                    loving loyally

                                    Touching my skin and lips - tenderly

                                    There's a real man for me
                                    positively radiating
                                    true and free

                                    Exemplary male role model - priority

                                   There's a real man for me
                                    enhancing our life

                                   Modern day hetro Hero; Goddess-sent HE!

                                  Katherine Marion


                                  How can we raise our children to 'grow hope,' if we
                                  have none - ourselves?

                                  Today, i cried a million tears .. speaking to my child, on
                                  the phone.

                                  So much pressure does he have .. feeling as if he is
                                  supposed to let go of his closest heart ; magical mother.

                                 Sometimes the winding river .. seems to flood it's overflowing bank's..
                                 trapping innocent creatures .. in it's thunderous way ..

                                 Imagine how a young teen of 17 must feel?

                                 Thus, no matter what is said or not .. I must be his ever shining ...light.

                                 Awaking refreshed; Angels to journey into freshest daybreak -
                                  after back-breaking night.

                                 Sleep well, innocent boy
                                 for you are this hurting heart's ... purest sight.

                                Mother knowing of Divine Delight,

                                Katherine Marion          


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