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Monday, May 20, 2013

Dream Big

                                               Dream Big
                                               Be brave
                                               Stay true
                                               Hope Wins

                                               Light rules
                                               Trust yourself
                                               Know Love
                                               See God

                                               Be Bright
                                               Feel good
                                               Taste success
                                               Divine adress

                                                Aim high
                                                Live long
                                                Feel Safe
                                                Move mountains

                                               Breathe deep
                                               Touch tenderness
                                               Forgive often
                                               Stay strong

                                               Have faith
                                               Hold Space
                                               Fears erase
                                               Trears to taste ...

                                               Live NOW!

                                               Katherine Marion


                                              Yesterday, became an incredible day, where
                                               I remembered that is does not matter where
                                               I am or who am with ..
                                               Simply - who I AM!



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