Monday, May 13, 2013

Do not drink proffered poison from the cup that is too readily .. lifted up!

                                    Do not drink proffered poison
                                    from the cup
                                    too readily ..
                                    lifted up

                                   curl your lovely lip
                                   is a sneer
                                   if you might
                                   real tight

                                   see the soothig elixer
                                   wafting your way
                                   belying lies
                                   say: "nay"

                                   test your own self
                                   others naught
                                   no fright

                                   hurt is not real
                                   only are you
                                   be true

                                   feel the power
                                   your own
                                   taste it
                                   now, sip  ..

                                  steady stream
                                  not quick
                                  it's yours
                                  do not trip

                                   taste this truth
                                   none other
                                   my son
                                   love Mother!

                                  Katherine Marion


                                  Thanks to King Kaelins' newly posted post Momma
                                   Day's gift .. on www,
                                   i have been divinely guided .. to write this.

                                   Momma K - Rising Son's first love-sent.. kiss.



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