Monday, May 20, 2013

Gazing into your eyes

                                          Gazing into your eyes
                                           letting go of wordly lies
                                           far from divine demise
                                           enchanted enterprise

                                           Gazing into your eyes
                                           no more hopeless tries
                                           hearing heaven's cries
                                           trusting hearts.. only rise

                                           Gazing into your eyes
                                           removing of false ties
                                           soothing look; belies
                                           loves' win; no surprise

                                           Gazing into your eyes
                                           ego never hopes or vies
                                           trust sees and never shies
                                           wings; my heart that flies ...!!!!!

                                            Katherine Marion


                                           I look upon those whom are fearless.

                                           They are guided by intuition
                                            Trust rules ...
                                             Thus, no rule .. needed
                                            Our puppies are two
                                            My son at is his own best - is One

                                            A lovely soul at the beach - another
                                            I shall be looking .. deeply into a whole
                                            lot more loving eyes
                                            expecting to see what i hope to display
                                            within mine magical OWN.

                                            Unconditional Love,


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