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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

If Louise Hay & Byron Katie had a Baby ..


                     If Louise Hay and Byron Katie
                     had a Baby

                     It .. would be Me

                     13 years ago, first was when
                     Sam Graci

                     said as much Me

                     This morn, awakening to warmth
                     of each puppy

                     tucked up against Me

                     I knew something had changed
                     to now, be free

                     indelibly within Me

                    Now, to position my highest self
                    heart/wounded knee

                   To 'model' as best can Be

                    Fully accepting my spirituality
                    growing increasingly
                    Evolving into sacred Me.

                    Entering closer/ rapturously
                    accept; majestically

                    Highest form of Me

                   Devoting self; most optimally
                   mayhem, magic; mostly

                   Salvation found by Me.

                  Katherine Marion



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