Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Someone asked me, yesterday ..

Someone asked me yesterday
how many men i had slept with in the past 10 years
I am wild of purposeful heart
although the pact i made with the universe is more true
of me had to go 'out with the old'
for of what happened; i am not merely the grand, sexy sum
I see far more clearly with Third Eye
there is no reason to any further 'giveth unto' or keep score
loved ones once lay in a bed with me
with that much pure love i could happily hang from a tree
Lives .. is the expected life expectancy
of the average Kat- way beyond; did i ever quickly arrive
is 'sex' in German, i learned long ago
guess too much taboo material .. taught me those silly tricks
should be a place we create of self
a person space that we can feel safe to call our own Heaven
does not have to be something you did
in spite of mine torrid past; for my future i can barely await
may be a movie Bo Derek was watched; in
I know that this is the only Now .. i get; for that was only; 'then.'

Katherine Marion
No one really seemed to stop .. to bother and tell me, ' i was more'\
Good thing .. my inner Truth, i choose nary longer anymore .. ignore.
Fresh as sweet grapes - special K - upon her birthing day - week
\going strong' and knowing that she is safe to sing her sacred song!
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