Saturday, January 24, 2015

Always Speak the Truth

There was a long ago time
when my light did not shine

I was told to keep so quiet
Now, I am refusing to buy it

Before when I was young
I'd been extremely stung

I grew to mistakenly think
It was never float, just sink

Sometimes i still get scared
Liars whom not ever cared

Knowing cowards helped
for times i have not yelped

Each silent scream unheard
Choose spread a wiser word

Speaking up is not talking back
Owning your power; just that!!!

Katherine Marion 
Written just now - with the rain at my ears ..
falling .. as melting tears.
No more darkest fears.

No more darkest fears.
My heart's 'the One' who truly .. hears!
When you cleanse your soul
Words .. appear .. as warm hugs
to make you whole!!

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