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Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Spirit's Bigger .. than even .. death threats!

2005  At our Cozy Cottage in Magical Marpole 

My spirit's bigger than both my breasts 
That's a whole lotta extra .. luscious breath's

My spirit's bigger than those pesky pests
That's a wholesome lotta devil's death's

My Spirit's bigger than troupes of trolls, online
That's a wicked lotta lemons' turned to wine

My Spirit's bigger than a tossed coin in light
That's a wondrous lotta universe, to ignite!!!!

Katherine Marion

Fresh poem - inspired
written just now - with twinkling city lights
outside my window
Soon to fly outside .. and run along the calmest
seas, with puppy love .. and guardian Angels .
up .. above!!

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