Wednesday, January 7, 2015

if you smell a Rose .. laying on the sidewalk

If you smell a Rose
laying on the cold sidewalk

Realize that it
is too late to simply pick

Trust that life
given was not at all in vain

Know you may
not meet this beauty, again

If you see the dawn
leaving bright evening sky

Understand that she
may have to go away to die

Believe her when told
'work' is not just for her to do

Soon to be fast gone
hers;be not; for far too long

If you feel a Butterfly
losing a wing to drop down

Stop to help her, then
before she takes final bow

Show; purest you; under-skin
Feel her softness; settling in

Well beyond worn out
Torn; without shadow of doubt

If you note Mother Moon
forgetting to so brightly shine

Ensure you bathe yourself
By light that is only of thine

Look up to her with trust
Allow to catch hallowed breath

Know that quickly past life
solemnly moves that of death.

Katherine Marion

I have shared on more day; alone
not to yet have left our new home

Writing my feelings in my journal
i begin to cry with an inner inferno

Tears musn't be held,ever, at bay
what else can Goddess try and say?

Loneliness for like, wears you down
a dead clown, wears no one's frown.

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