Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Goddess-sent reason .. to be ' Amazing'

2006 - After saving .. my Mommy in P.G. i traveled back home to Vancouver, with Sir Antoni
and my Baby Super K - this is a brief sweet spot/stop near 100 Mile House, to refuel my Supernatural soul

The reason i must synergistically succeed
is that of me; faltering others have need
The reason i am a feminine-fueled success
is that i am more under-rated, that undressed
The reason I will purposely,purely progress
is that what they want is what I know to express
The reason I am so sublimely Supernatural
is that I am merely one multi-faceted fractual

The reason I am gaining magical momentum
is that i am the greatness of the grandest sum
The reason i will focus only on the positives
is that i am majorly motivated by superlatives
The reason i am more 'over the top' than most
is that of the Town Talk, party; always 'the toast'
The reason i must see only my cherished light
is that within me; is absolution for societal plight!
Fresh, new poem - inspired by this empowering quoted by a magical music man 
who knows what a real woman .. is consciously composed of ..



As per inspired by reading this brilliant quote; 

“If she's amazing, she won't be easy. If she's easy, she won't be amazing. If she's worth it, you wont give up. If you give up, you're not worthy. ... Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.”

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