Thursday, January 8, 2015

A HUG is enough to LIVE on

This particular hug; The day of my Son; KAELIN''s 16th Birthday, almost 3 years ago -when his Lab puppy, Edward chose him - All too soon   .. that following Halloween,  my child was gone ..

                       A hug's enough to live on
                       Big hole
                       where the sun once shone

                       A hug's enough to die with
                       Small hand
                       who's heart's kiss i miss

                       A hug's enough to live by

                       Huge wound
                       where others tried to ruin

                       A hug's enough to end by

                       Tiny footprint
                       whom no devil shalt defy

                        A hug's enough to live for

                        Giant leap
                        for faith to not keep score

                        A hug's enough to keel over

                        Wee heartbeat
                         sweet as field of clover

                        A hug's enough to live for

                        Loving touch
                        at divinities open door

                        A hug's enough to dream of

                        Kind embrace
                        made of life-saving stuff!

                        Katherine Marion


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