Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Drifting In a Swollen Sea of ME

After giving a healing massage to a client, afterwards sitting upon my windowsill, to drift in sunlight ..

These words are what spill forth from my marveleous mouth, where flowers grow and happiness does flow.

Gentle breeze to sail upon, as this titillating tale, you listen to and never stop to fail, for moving along ...

Knowing fingers that caress a keyboard meant to love asses, hungry men, and forgotton women of the masses

I pass my passing emotions along, to stir with passion, as your own potent style does fashion

Be sure to look yourself in the mirror, every blessed day, giving credit to every bumpy curve and hip sway

Honor the person looking back at yummiest you, since a shining promise kept clean is a living dream come true!

Katherine Marion

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