Wednesday, May 5, 2010 - Rawsome Juices Flowing ...

I have been lusciously embracing a 100% raw, vegan lifestyle for well over 8 years. There is no looking back at a wounded world I gladly leave behind. Entering into a proverbial sexy state of stunningly pure and perpetual bliss.

My first sexual orgasm was at the age of 19, since the first 1 1/2 years prior, were spent pleasing others and not knowing i was meant to be pleased.

Decades later, in the youthful years of my approaching prime, at fabulousy fit and fantastic 44, I was gifted with "Amrita." If you ever wanted to drink from an infinitely flowing waterfall ..

Now, at a newly turned feisty 50, I am still flirting and squirting. Funny how they rhyme in the most sublime.

I feel ... more than ever, that all the rawk'n joyful juices I injest, flow through loving me, best, with heightened sensory perception, personal freedom and no need for emotional protection.

They say it is when you find your Prince or Princess, that the yummy Yoni does moanie and groanie; finding your meant to be so called "TRUE LOVE."

Yet, a few years ago, after I broke up with my non-rawsome x-tricated meat-eating, smoking in the closet - man, I decided to see if I could possibly please myself on my magical own ... In the most dreamy, creamy, highest sense ...

Sure enough!

I had already discovered that this juiciness comes from my pineal gland. Thus, my long forgotton 3rd Eye opening up, in every sense of the delectable and divinely worthy word.

Therefore, it's gotta be the seeds of LOVING have already been planted in mystical, wet and wonderful me.

And, I am simply the Treasure of Pleasure that all that is Good and Goddess-sent flows freely and fabulously through ...

Embracing My Sensual Self - Supernaturally,

Katherine Marion


Sin-cerely, I feel I should be hosting Juicy-making classes!

Here's to the far from tight-asses whom claim carrots are for rabbits and hemp is surely smokey dopey.

Wanna keep your dreams wet and wonderful and your vessel firmly nestled?

Well, look no further than that coconut tree over yonder and that Yoni ya would love to fondle!


Rawk'n reminder: Drink up all her ... 'er, your juices!



  1. i love this photo ....u are a picture of health, beauty, and confidence, things we all wish we could have. love u kathy
    words u say r so true, and u need to teach me how to create this things in my life...we have to meet up soon...

    1. Rawsome!

      I really appreciate your thoughtful words.

      I was just looking up, after Butterfly, founder of this amazing eco-sexy site, had just emailed me .. and I found you conscious comment.

      After my front living room window, smashing apart this late eve, under a full moon, and one too many big gusts ... I am grateful to find such gratitude awaits me ...

      So, since you ask .. I aim to please - so to speak.

      Thus, let's talk.

      Although, i feel that i already know who you are. And, thank you, S.W. for opening up to me.

      With and open heart and magical mind,

      Love Kathy