Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dearest Heart You Are Blessed To Meet


Dearest heart you could ever hope to touch

Little boy who has already lost so unbelievably much

Dearest heart you are blessed to ever meet

 Sweet soul, giving unconditionally to all whom he  meet

Dearest heart you would wish your child to know

Friend forever in every way that kindness can simply show

Dearest heart a mother keeps open and filled with trust

Son so true the white light that shines from him is a must

Dearest heart a person could ever hope to even measure

Blessed boy so brave and true, he is such as earthly treasure

Dearest heart another can feel from near and beyond reach

Unconditional love that unto others he could surely teach

Dearest heart broken by many a fracture and early break

Mending fast due to my light that never dies or does forsake

Dearest heart so touched by by flowers and children fair

Opening as a sunrise that never sets and is always there

Dearest heart believing in the magic that it was told will never die

Promised by an amazing Mommy who' s own truth does not lie

Dearest heart feeling the pain of others injustices done unto him

Labelled by self-made monsters who project on senseless whim

Dearest heart knowing that happiness is all that will forever be real

Beating as gently as a beautiful Butterfly upon who's wings all need kneel.

Katherine Marion


How 'the sins of others' can keep awake the restless heart of a soul-crying Mother.

"Mommy, do you feel really tired? I do."

My blessed boy never says these telling words. Even when it is late.

He went to sleep really early, last night.

Totally emptied by what he shared, earlier in the evening, after my return from the gym. Something, that at the tender age of 14, he felt secure enough to deal with on his own.

On my way out to interview artists and to photograph a big art show at Telus Science World on Saturday night, my son heard himself being slandered by another single mom, as she spoke to her 7 year old son, of atrocious things no innocent boy would ever think to do.

Thoughtful HE - did not want to upset me, so he "dealt with it" on his own.

How must he feel?

Not just hearing libelous claims set against his 'amazing mommy', but that the little boy he has learned to love and who loves him, is being forced to stay away from him, because of sick accusations, put forth by a meandering mind, making mischief, because she has not yet and probably never will settle her own childhood war with her Daddy that she claims did sordid ill unto her.

No wonder people shut down and close up their heart!

Good thing I am exactly the MOTHER that even the above single mommy told me when she first met me, " I wished you had been my Mother," and " I wish you had mothered my son."

Is it ever too late?

All I can now do is write the wrongs by spilling my heart and somehow helping the hurt that never lies in my gut. Spilling over with someone elses treacherous words that mortally wounded my bravest baby.

Children do not know how to deal with what comes at them, by reacting with mindless chatter. What a young heart is able to do is feel. Sometimes, this may showcase its sacred self in a variety of telling ways.

I am glad I have created the safe space to grow into an emotionally mature being. Unafraid of noone and nothing. Not for long, anyway.

And, I shall wisely continue to do the sanest same for my bright and shining son who's glorious light shall never fade or burn out. Unlike the jaded burn-out's who consistently reveal their unconscious shadow side.  Allowing the light of love continues to shine her blessings upon broken-hearted them.

With compassion and forgiveness,



I captured this captivating vision of my roller-blading reader, a mere and magical few days ago.

Just how utterly divine is this sweet and fearlessly loving face to look upon!

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  1. i am saddened that anyone would bad mouth this child or yourself.
    people are afraid of what they no nothing about so they judge or spread rumours.
    if they could only open up there hearts and just be and be true to themselves.
    this women should allow these two wonderful boys to keep their freindship, their brotherhood....that bond they need so desperataly.