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Published - ONE WORLD ART SHOW AND HAITIAN FUNDRAISER - Science World - by Katherine Marion

by Katherine Marion - - May/June 2010 issue

"You cannot hope to build a better world without improving individuals. We all must work for our own improvement and at the same time, share a general responsibility for all humanity." - Madame Marie Curie

ONE WORLD ART SHOW - showcasing local Vancouver luminaries in the art scene;, Jimmy Cummins, Raymond Chow and over 60 featured and fearless artists; bodypainting beautiful Blanche McDonald models, auctioning off spontaneous works of the bold and brilliant brush, to genereously donate 100% of all proceeds, directly to charity. , artist and ingenius promoter, held her own,':as founder, fundraiser, poet, painter and artistic workshop leader, of newly created MAB Ventures, at this magical May 1st success story of a fundraising extravaganza. With Polish parents, once relegated to a refugee camp, one young wise woman already holds compassion considerably close. After the recent devastating earthquake in Haiti, this January, already helping hundreds of Haitian homeless, special needs children find a home, through the thought - provoking efforts of Matt Chambers of Conscious collaboration with Erin Kay Productions and a bevy of beautiful art works displayed, gallery style, throughout two levels of Science World.

With Matt's near to surprise special guest appearance on enter stage, there was a sacred hush. Enthralled to hear the outstanding story of how even UNICEF has duly and divinely noted Mr. Chambers endearing efforts in creating a safe and healing sanctuary,"Joshua's Village Project." Sharing his sincere and synergistic revelations that his own son is also a special needs child, "requiring the help of 4 nurses, around the clock." One devoted Daddy, co-creates a more conscious community and unconditionally helps so many needy others whom no longer or never did have anything or anyone to look after them. A precious life-saving endeavour that has become a new paradigm for an ailing planet.

Janine Jones - had a few carefully chosen words of wisdom, to speak, from her well appointed mini gallery, under lights finely directed at a tiny black cocktail dress and beyond life-size works of amazing acrylic art. Standing boldly and brightly, in front of her impassioned streaks of blood red and indigo purple; wearing matching rouge high heels, once boundy and self confident brunette, began speaking of what really heals. An artist whom is healing herself through her own art; revealing, " We are all struggling in our own way to be seen and heard. Some for art, some for life."

Upon closing of one truly enchanting show, regretfully making my way out of a painters treasure trove of cascading color and consciousness, I decided to speak to a lovely woman who's glorious work I have been blessed to see, artfully hung, upon the walls of various local Vancouver business'.Grazyna Wolski, had awoken one morn, deciding to literally define her next painting with her highest intentions. "May Love and Light Surround You", became the title of this upstanding charity show-piece. Purity flowing from the touched and tenderest parts of a happy heart offering conscienteous contribution. Doing the research to discover that the national flower of Haiti is the Hibiscus, she set to work to literally create a glowing example of truth. One more spirited artist unveiling her own continued contributions of valiant values and immense integrity,"so we can see the beauty of that country and not only the disaster."

Can you even slow down .. possibly stopping your busy life, in a justifiable soul-searing second, and simply just imagine ... for a meandering moment, making un-earthly time stand still .... a world where every single person is really seen and felt as the rarest work of art worth saving?

There are vast and varied, far-ranging causes for deepest concern, right here in our own "most beautiful city in the world." We are the ones whom must open our dusty closets of closed and clouded-over eyes. Choosing to place our hands on open hearts and give from where it really counts. Knowing we can make a defining difference, rather than further defiling, abandoning or betraying one more neglected child or another forgotten country.

Yes, we are all ONE-KIND!

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