Saturday, May 29, 2010

String, Button and Two Beautiful Boys or "Making Your Own Peace."

String, button and two beautiful boys
Stop the world ... what's all the noise?

Playing can be without guns or violence
Stop the world ... listen to the silence.

Men can be made by their own magicl
Stop the word .... anything less is tragic.

Opening hearts fills a mind with peace
Stop the world ... lest you catch the dis-ease

Slow down and touch the afternoon sun
Stop the world ... be the forever shining one!

See the beauty that life has gifted unto you
Stop the world ...blinded to all that is true

Offer yourself up for joy to gentyly unfold
Stop the world ... worries make you grow old.

Accepting love at every joyous juncture
Stop the world ... it will your heart - puncture!

Embracing light that flows through love's veins
Stop the world ...grab hold of happiness' reigns ...

Katherine Marion


How absolutely apropos that Simon and Garfumkel's classic - "Sound Of Silence" should just now begin playing ....

One more pure and primary piece of precious synergy.


After putting off writing for almost 2 weeks, I am hungry to express my deepest and selfless sself.

These precios pics of my happy homeschooler and his school-taught 7 year young schooled friend, Charlie Bear, were captured, or shall I correct myself ... bequethed unto  me, a couple of wondrous weeks ago, on our front lawn.

Playing with a button and a long stretch of toothfloss terrrain ...  two boys at Peace - above all other earthly noise.

Inpiration is found everywhere and within everyone!


Grateful to give the inside consciousness-raising scoop,


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