Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Breast A Woman Can Offer

Lovely lace-covered cups runneth over with all of my womanly breast
Though the enchanted rest of magical me has been put to the utmost test

Naughty nipples nine times high set to measure Green Goddes on-high
Cleavage of mine shall forever live even if precous parts someday die

Heart-broken jokers think they have one more ace up their skirted sleeve
Sexy women such as magical me generously allow dreamers to only believe

If you have been given gifts many others wish they could somehow possess
Might as well hold ones self grounded with bodice in endless state of undress

Many traffic accidents have occured over far less than a peek of pretty lace.
 Grown men with wives whom find their rmanly frothing to be a marital disgrace

Uplifting fragrance can be found in flowers along the gardens winding path
Not many can match the matching set of a wicked woman practicing her craft!

Katherine Marion


If this is what happens when I sleep 3 1/2 hours?

Waking up to re-hire a family lawyer. Keeping ministry out of my ivory tower. Hear from an old boyfriend who's hinting at more ...Wish I was outside to be kissed as sunlight kisses a flower.

Giving a massage to a generous and loving client. Knowing that there is no freedom is acting compliant. Glad I left puberty's attitude of defiant. Long leaving small as I transform into my own Gentle Giant.

Guess so!


Last Satureday evening, my loving son, captured this slightly blurred version of his Amazing Mommy, before I headed out to the wonderful "One World," show, show-casing at Telus Science World. 

As perfectly presented by MAB Ventures, whom you can surely and sweetly join up with on

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