Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day Is Every Day

No Mother need go without

When she goes within ....

Every Mother lives with

anothers so called 'sin'

All Mothers need love

Labor pains into life

 What a Mother needs

Is not another's knife

Make a Mommy happy

Nothing else does matter

Mommy's love so much

Send grattitude at HER!!!

Katherine Marion - under conscious construction


That's tit!

When you don't find a pretty pic of me, or even not so ... simply know that i am too tired to share my less than hopeful dreams and fading face,  of the non-present moment, that seem to be far less magical than I so deleriously and delciously, usually and usefully dream.

My real world is filled with fresh lavender from my garden, planted last year, and gloriously blooming, again.

Some things, like nature, we can always rely upon, one wondrous way or another. Whether it be a darling dizzle or devastating drought, not a sister or a brother can make the same sanest promise than that of Gaia watering her Goddess-sent garden ...

Reminding us that rain, will always come as a gente or forceful reminder,  that before the sun does shine, we may be in for a few showers short and sublime.

Taking it all with an earthly grain of pain-free salt,



I so gratefully share this highest healing color - purple - with my friends, fans and divine detractor's.

Allowing others to see my truth, as light and bright as these vibrant plumes of deepest indigo, looking back themselves; as brilliantly and boldly as they see themselves, or don't  ... to bravely be.


Interesting, how with no water whatsoever, fed by my mine magical self, to my pretty herbal remedies; sitting so seemingly forlorn, in my front yard, for close to an eye-closing year;  these wild-crafted babies managed to somehow survive.

Thus, let us all now and forever , also,  allow the healing light ... to thoroughly Thrive!!!!


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