Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Breast Man Or Woman

Drop the B.S. before you become your own titless x

I do not care whether you are a 'Breast Man'

Or a woman appreciating finers aspects of her same saner sex.

Everyone enjoys the feminine aspects of a plunging neckline

Underneath a black silk coat

A line of reverant reference can divinely look sublime

So, girls, why not wear your jewellery to bed

Boys get out of the closet

Climb into her body and out of your hurting head

Men, take valid stock in what I do candidly say

Wise women such as I

Teach more than we most seldom play

Everyone on this planet needs to grab a fig leaf

Lift up your disheveled shirt

Grab a cup or two of quick relief

No rapes or murders would ever occur

Hearts bared and beating

Merely a seed or two possibly cast premature

Hope for all whom bare their loving soul

Males without shirts

Banning bras will make HER more whole

Cup those babies in your open hands

Rid yourself of shame

Drop em in their laps and watch as LOVE expands ...

Katherine Marion


Now, I need the inappropriate picture to define the fabulous and fine.

Inspired am I

Even by my own sister set

Not finished yet ...

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