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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Every Little Boy Needs A Role Model

Raised by a self employed single mom

his own man

my son

Born into a world with one less Dad

boy of joy

loving lad

Brought up to believe in himself

wise soul

inner wealth

Shown how cruel the world can be

happy child

loved by me

Finally finding the brother he wished he had

best buddy

so sad

 Mommy took her son away because of fear

lies spread

in his ear

Slandering the person Charlie loves best

dirty tale

no rest

Hurting the one she should love most

her secrets

held host

Spreading rumors to friends and child

coffin laid

animal wild

Beauty is two boys who's friendship endures

kept safe

strong and pure

Sick mind can never undo what the heart has set

real love

wins yet!

Katherine Marion


Our children are brought here to teach us of uncondional love, compassion and forgiveness.

What a shame that so many mothers and fathers still spend their wretched and limited time, bitterly enmeshed in their own morbid shame.

Passing blame to another  .. because you have not yet forgiven your father or mother.

Projections played upon the free-minded generation that we have the responsibility to look after and protect, rather than to project upon and ultimately reject.

Making a child do the work for another too selfish to become real enough to admit their own pain is passing on hurt, all over, again.

So sad that so many children suffer for the inequities of a parent who chooses to never grow up and thus, will not be able to properly teach their little one to ever, really glow.

Even sadder, that a grown woman would attempt to take down a loving neighbor 'friend' and her loving teen son, when she is the one who asked for the help in the first pure and precious place.

Some people will never learn and their precious children shall forever pay the endless price for that buried pain they hide as none too nice.

This evening, I cried after Kaelin shared his truth and held in his own tears. All because of a lost, little girl who barely lives in yesterdays darkest fears.

"If you could live anywhere, Mommy, where would you live?" was my son' s charming way of letting me know, after he unveiled his tale, that he would like to move and leave this painful story behind.

We shall always love the little boy we shared so many magical hours with and whom is so eager to learn and be loved. May you find us one day, when you have your sweetest and final say!



I am blessed to have gratefully captured this wonderful vision of two glowing, growing boys ... a mere few days ago.

May these two friend amd the beautiful bond they have so magically made,  make your happiest  heart smile.

I am.

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