Saturday, September 25, 2010

Standing Up For Myself

You may get me to chop off my long, sun-bleached locks

Jealous of my legs that you hope will no longer hold me

Planting seeds of doubt while playing your game, gleefully.

You may wear your fear as you buzz cut your boy's hair

Afraid he will be "called a girl"; hating my son for his own

Yet,  clearly seen by me is your deep-rooted envy, shown

You may tell me not to talk to that young x who left you

Begging the landlord to ban me from talking to your friends

Sadly, libelous claims against my child, is where it ends

You may grow your dyed black hair, like a 'witch in hunt'

Friending me on facebook with knives behind your back

As you nestle up to the next guy with money for a six-pack

You may have me babysit your sweet boy, a while ago

Call that cute cop and send him  right to my open door

Where was "he" when you fell down drunk, on my floor?

You may tell your child that "big boys do things" to him

Manipulating everyone you keep in your public drama

Imagine spiking cookies for all, when you're a Grandma!

You may tell that younger man who's 8 years your junior

Lies through your shark-sharp teeth in your life of woe

Allowing others to wonder why true tears rarely flow?

You may say you think we have a "love-hate relationship"

Sober eyes like mine speak with a heart that opens up

Why is it that this life of ours you would ever disrupt?

You may say one thing and do the very opposite other

Hating anyone who loves themselves as well as you

Some are wiser to a loving kiss, than a fiendish screw

You may protect yourself with lies that hurt all you know

Seeing yourself as the helpless victim no one loves

When your hands are out ... tiny pushes into shoves

You may condemn your Daddy for what you say he did

Using him for money and hurtiing your son by pretending

This loveless lie you weave is soul-lessly never-ending

You may try and get me to move by scaring me to submit

Smiling as you tell me words you believe I want to hear

Soaking in your own stinking snake-oil infested by fear

You may throw any kind person you've ever met, far away

Grabbing onto doubts, you land yourself in trouble, again

Even though I will always send love, you were never a friend!

Katherine Marion


Funny how things, turn out ...

A little note ... to be left on Facebook, as my most recent "status update", was mysterious eaten alive in cyberspace.

So,  forced to start all over ...I  decided to have even more clarity and really own my power.

Thus, feeling so overtly coerced, as to fearfully move, almost 5 hours by ferry, up; the Sunshine Coast!

Now, I feel it only fair to speak my powerful voice, to finally say ...

"Wait til you, later, read what i first wrote."

Firstly, my priority - my son Kaelin.


And, standing up for myself, on two salty rawsome stalks ... shall be sweetly and unmercifully sublime!!!!

Katherine Marion

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