Sunday, September 26, 2010

When you are hurting - where do you go?

Sometimes I bury my head

and stay in bed

all day

I wake up sobbing with pain

close my eyes, again

to awake

Praying to get over the fear

wishing I was not here

to hurt

Feeling so very much alone

my power to not own

to fade

Knowing I AM a huge light

yet, caught up in fright

to run

Dropping to my very knees

light as can ever be

to see

Katherine Marion


Today, was one of these days ...

Missed the sunlight, outside.

Looked after the hurting girl, inside of me.

Silenced the fears.

Shut out the pain.

Listened to my dreams.

Touched my Daddy's leg.

Decided not to move ....

Felt connected to a higher souce.

Awoke to Angel Soldiers, so kindly sent.

And, my sweet son drawsing me a beautiful picture.

Going for a walk to buy some water, now.

Open for LOVE,


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