Friday, September 3, 2010

Connecting To A Higher Realm

What's the real value in this superficial society of focusing on making money?

A severely inflated economy and  a deepening sense of senseless inequality.

Why do people like my Father work so hard; dying 3 years before retirement?

Thinking they will never get out of debt, their fearful heart attack is hell-sent.

Who is the governmet but a group of fat-cat's licking up your sweet cream?

Selling you a ton of lies and blindly stealing your most delicious dream.

Where will you ever find respite from one more mournful ruse and legal ploy?

Most find  solace in pills, cigs and booze; addictions paid to skillfull destroy.

When will fools wake up and count their blessings by the beat of their heart?

Only after most of what they have learned and earned does to early depart.

What does it mean to get caught up in a counting machine of a lovesless life?

You marry for money, forget about love and bury your dead,beloved wife

How did anyone ever forget about the one universal truth that does count?

Hold onto kindness, share compassion, or to not much shall you amount!

Katherine Marion


Often, I wonder what essentially makes people happy.

Deeply sensing that those we somehow 'lose', also lost their dreams, around the same insane time their taste for life was destroyed.

Knowing that I am meant to do more than search for one more over-priced  rental and bash my head in ... feeling guilty about so much work that does not seem to be getting done.

Remembering, that if I keep on believing a myth that has been sold to me as long as I can remember, I might as well my breaking heart; to dis-member.

Every moment is so precious and we rarely truly experience many such magical momento's in a lifetime.

Why would we waste a tear or a dip into the endless flow ... to needlessly buy into a dead story, when we already truly KNOW?


This is the magic mirror I can not enough give conscious cause to look upon and into ... Kaelin created this wall colloage of collective consciousness, from our buried-away pictures in the dreaded and ever so messy "Blue Room", last year. He is so proud as he sits in front of his wonderful work.

Now, this works for me!!!

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