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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Victory Is Mine!

Won my case

against  my landlord

and jealous tenants

in my face

Won my case

at Tenancy Branch

an arbitrator's

paper to trace

Won my case

three slanderer's

written lies

truth not erase

Won my case

after much fear

many a tear

their disgrace

Won my case

2 hrs sleep

what a treat

smiling face

Won my case

so much ease

off my knees

no more chase

Won my case

showed 'em

used not poison

or even mace

Won my case

stood tall

up to all

hopes to raise

Won my case

power mine

my time

Goddess praise!!!

Katherine Marion


Guess it's time to start my own reality show!

Who has a more exciting life than me, anyway. Others toss their dirty laundry my way and expect to clean up their messes.

No way.

How am I supposed to raise my teenager son, if i allow filth into my home, heart and head?

An old man once told me, after I had taken out the garbage, "Get rid of garbage. Throw it out. It stinks. Next thing you know ...." At that tumultuous time, I was still involved with that x abuser who shall remane nameless, until the book comes out.

 Then, was not ready .. Now, i am way past.

Victorious am I.

With an open heart, i truly listened, this morn, on a tele-conference with a very professional and un-bias Mrs. Miller, at the Tenancy Branch, along with Mr. Landlord - just doing his job - and 2 tenants with conflicts concerning me and their own unresolved personal issues.

I wrote copious notes and videotaped this precious piece of Herstory.

Prepared for any outcome.

Already, the day before, contacting my potential landlord and letting her know I had a legal matter to tend to and the timing was not right for me to make the big move to her oceanfront rental, yet ..

So much fear to deal with.

Realizing that I might possibly be leaving ... simply because of bullying.

Not a good reason.

One should always base her/his decisions on a well grounded and wise choice.

I asked myself, "Do I really want to leave?"


Being evicted by a landlord that felt pressured to do the right thing for two tenanats and gross allegations, has caused huge duress for myself and my son, over the frame of the last 2 months, in particular. My appeal to Tenancy and my eventual win  ... arirve at undefinable cost.

Took a lot of guts.

Always listen to your instincts.

It is simply clearing the way to really hear ... that is truly the real hard work!!!

Winner Take All,



Now, to take me and my pretty black designer bikini out to the front lawn, to sunbathe. Even though that angry guy who lives below .. told  Mr. Landlord, " I don't like Katherine. I want you to evict her."

Mr. Landlord of course, hoping to head off any confrontation, whatsoever, and feeling overly pressured, did outrageously promise, " Well, I will see if I can ban everyone from using the front lawn."

Well, if my pretty flowers that I paid to so kindly purchase and plant, are so kindly afforded a warm spot, over there; where dogs may piss on the ground, and people can throw their garbage around .. guess i can lay my slim, trim 50 year young and youthful body down.

Butt for a brief while!!


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