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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Two Souls As One

Hugging on the floor at quarter to 4 in the A.M.


Or, is it ehem?

I was laying flat on my back in the morn


To be just me

Out of his bed came a hairy sleepy head


Came on in

Kissing me on the cheek he took a peek


Light of mine

Falling slack to lay himself on his back

14 years

Young - no fears

Right beside me to stetch out, naturally


Floating in comfort with straightened backs

Silently communing with one and everything

We sail

With masts set to send out a healing exhale

Knowing we as one - meant to have fun

Two souls

Bodies as whole as LOVE does extole.

Katherine Marion


Since my Canon EOS stopped working, after getting caught in that exciting Penticton sand storm on the end of July long weekend, I have merely existed!

Just this week, and going strong ... I utiilized the convenience of my other trusty Canon  ... movie camera, which is what I shot this shot upon. As my no longer to be termed "wee soul-mate" and I lay on the beaten-up hardwood floors of the home we are soon to leave for fresher parts of this pretty province that we really have to get to know.

Knowing doesn't always come while standing up. Sometimes you have to find a place to rest your head and throw your feet up ... wildly into the air. To linger there, for a consciously connecting while. Enough to make your starving soul smile - especially if you have travelled a weary and wounded while.

Doesn't matter what time they tell you it is. 'Time' is ours to make and not to borrow. Fears are never to swallow. Letting go ... can mean being kind. Catching up on creating space for yourself can be done anywhere. Fully clothed or close to bare .. Naked is the truth and more tender is the heart that digs deeper ..

Now Sweeter,


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