Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fighting For Our Rights

 - pic by Katherine - N.Van DOJO - Kaelin in back

As long as the system is here - not to stay -  we might as well accept some of it's often unheralded gifts.

For me, one of which was, sad to say;  keeping my own D.O. behind prison bars for close to 30 years, until his deatth, last year, in prison.

The system is corrupt, without a fool's doubt in earthly hell.

I began to most intimately understand .. many maddening moon's ago .. what the world is far from wondrously all about. Isn't it so ironic that thieves, rapists and con-men ... are one of the insanest same?

No wonder they spend so much 'time' together.

As they shall all topple ..

Be sure and read my rousing article in this Oct publication of  - how "Beautiful British Columbia's"  ministry of children and families - in 2008 - had close to 10,000 aboriginal children, alone, living pathetic lives in foster care.

This is nothing new.

People are simply afraid to feel.

Gotta go deep .. to remember.

If they stop their own numbing and allow no more wretched dumbing, they may have to do something about what has not been done.


What a terrible amount of responsibility.

Besides, isn't that favorite old repeat of a tiring tv show on, this eve, again?

We can watch it all together, with a bag of cheap chips from Safewy, and a poison pepsi.

After all, family time is so important, nowadays!

Katherine Marion


Ever inspired, I was drifting the wondrous waves on my facebook pages and felt inclined to respond to a gal who mentioned how she can hardly believe that people are just waking up ...

A few of us were forced to wake up.

Or, die.

Isn't it so easy for 'molly-coddled' citizens out there, sleeping in their expensive beds, to pass on the latest report on homelessness, and yet, not give a beggar a meal?

Very few do what we can for those whom are not able to.

It does not matter how or why it happened to 'that person.' We only own our power when we start giving from our hurting hearts. Expecting a system to feed, clothe and imprison your brother, is utterly ridiculous. That old lady blathering to herself at the bus stop, that beggar's child in smelly clothes, or one more drunken pig - chasing you down the street, calling out horrific names, is someone's mother, daughter, father or holy ghost left out to rot in the same uncared-far carcass they came in with.

Even a wounded animal feels the pain.

Does that mean he/she would not get up to fight for another if it was necessary?

Of what good is a heart if we do not use it?


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