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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Met A Guy

I met a guy the other day on the bus. He did not smell good and when I touched his shoulder, all I felt was skin against boney bone!

He talked to me.

No one else on the blue bus going up upper Granville where I live, was even bothering to strike up a conversation.

He lives in a small room, downtown in the not so nice area. Out of his meager govt cheque, he pays $400.00 for a paltry patchwork of a square pen.

Never complaining, he gets off the bus to panhandle at 7-11, a few blocks from our 1000 sq ft 2 befroom apartment, just off of 71st. I hear his coughing;  like something out of a bad movie. Probably not much older than me, he seems ready to ... croak!

What does this man need more than anything?

Human kindness.

Soon after, walking to Safeway to buy some water and flowers for myself, all I can think about is HIM and how I have been touched ..

Blackberries and grapes are my gift.

Since this man has no teeth.

Beaten and thrown him into jail for searching through downtown back alleys for bottles, at the wrong hour.

What does it take to raise somebody's spirit?

I buy him a cup of warming tea, before he goes back outside for the night, to beg for money from people driving expensive cars,that barely care to slow down to ask his name.

I figure if I could spend $100.00's earlier that day, at Chapters, on good books for my mind, I can do something even better for my heart - by loving another in such a seemingly insignifigant way.

In a wounded world, severely tilting on its angry axis, how far can a little kindness go ....?

Hope to see my new friend, soon.

Katherine Marion


Thanks Jennifer, for inspiring me, with your recent facebook post. More people just need to get out there and do something. Simply 'knowing' is not enough.


Sadly, this is not my home. Mine is being taken form me, as you read. I have just received filed papers, from my landlord whom I am  legally ' fighting' in Tenancy. Yet, as good a time, as ever to be grateful for what I do have ... As we all should be!


I captured this pic a few years ago, after a heavy and happy snowfall in magical Marpole, when we were living in a cozy cottage on a retired UVIC's Professor's property, a few blocks away.


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