Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Shining Son

Yours is the light that shone through me

Yours is the heart that loves ever truly

Yours is the love offered unconditionally

Yours is the truth accepted gratefully

You are the blessed one with new hope

You are the old soul who in me awoke

You are the Angel with wings to cope

You are the poem I freshly re-wrote

I am the grateful one with you as mine

I am the receiver of these gifts sublime

I am the thankful for knowing you in time

I am the better as I touch this new divine

We are as perfect as two hearts can be

We are so special the world must see

We are all love, honesty and intimacy

We are forever with spirit's set free!

Katherine Marion


This rainswept Vancouver evening, rather than go to a party I was invited to, I perused through pics ... Finding this enchanting photograph of my 8 year young homeschooler, after he was taken by MCFD, and not yet, returned to me.

The year was 2005 and I feel like we both have been through a couple of world wars. And, survived! Yet, within me, and surely, both of us, lingers this longing for an innocence lost, never to be seen or felt, again.

Thus, I choose this image as a heart rendering reminder of a beauty that lays embossed within the beautiful bowels of my lonely, lost heart, now being re-found and restored. After wandering in bewildered anxiety for the longest loneliest while, I am slowly picking up the precious pieces of a fragmented dream and putting our loving lives back together, again.

I captured this picture of Kaelin at the gate to our cozy cottage in magical Marpole. This seemingly tragic time was the most blissful period for us. Torn apart and returned unto one another, we appreciated every stolen second we were given or not ... Apart, we prayed and affirmed and held onto hope. It worked. Bringing us back together came about because we believed.

The power of love can transfrom anything. I am, I have and I offer ... living proof!!!!

Keep Believing,

We are


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