Thursday, January 20, 2011

THE BREAST is yet to come ..

I tell women that when others damn and slam you

They are woefully wishing they were that .. too!

I tell men that when they look at me,  it's a fantasy

They are really looking at an image of magical me

I tell my teen son that to create is his first ultimate

He is here to plant his seeds and filter out the shit

I tell my fans that I am here to share my powers

They are the favoured few i tend to as my flowers

I tell my nieces that we are planted here to receive

They are the only Goddess's - God's are to believe

I tell my detractor's that slander is very unhealthy

They are the ones who's hearts are not wealthy

I tell the ministry of children and families, again

They know of character assassination; in my name

I tell my jealous neighbour's that I am purest JOY

They really wish they had the life of me and my boy

I tell the hot mommy with 6 children of her own

She is here to relax, enjoy, and her powers to own

I tell the x-lovers who lost at their un-gainly game

Goddess is here to stay and LOVE is her only name!

Katherine Marion


Every woman should have a treasure trove of lovely images of herself ... to choose from. As the mood suits her!

With a very crazed woman who has been intrigued by me, sending me copious amounts of unkind and beyond scathing emails, i am glad to still be able to know how to smile.

And,  recently, one more in an endless series of endlessly scheming 'sister's,'' sending her mad woman wicked lies ... to the ministry of children and families. "With friends like these, who needs enemies," as they say.

Thank Goddess, i know how to laugh in the fallen face and dead spirit of adversity. Lifting myself up, even higher , each time, the putrid 'sisters' tug and tear at my lovely heart - hoping it will spill forth, so they can steal some more of my rouge red, rosy and raucous blood.

Better to intelligently ignore that which is beneath me.





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