Friday, January 7, 2011


Look into the Angelic face of this well loved and happy teen

Knowing  he is cherished and living a delicious  dream

See those sparkling green eyes and smooth, clear skin

Feel that positive energy shining  forth from deep within

Touch locks of his  beautiful hair;  shining burnished gold

Stroke that gentle cheek;  as soft as heart so strong and bold

Know that strong spirit that needs no director to need soar

Hold that warming  hand that never asks for much or more

Honor a young man who's  childhood is leaving ever fast

Respect his mother and know eternal love does always last

Watch a lithe, lean body, climb upwards and beyond

Realize that where truth rests there is no need to respond

Now, tell me, two days after my 51st birthday, exactly why

There would be more allegations and such an  outright lie

Anonymous caller calling up"After Hours."last night

False allegations of something done unto him; not right

Lies of Kaelin being locked up all long day, in his bedroom

Saying that i often tied my shining son up; silliest crazy tune

B.S. about grounding him because he ate something un-raw

Nameless liar attempting to dishonour and project their flaw

What un-kind of a sick person would  ever dial up the MCFD

Only someone harbouring grudges against "Amazing Mommy"

Stay far away and leave our luscious loving lives, totally alone

Allow us to create our wonderful world and call it  a HOME."

Katherine Marion


Our very own MCFD social worker, told me that she was awakened, last evening, to The Ministry of Children and Families - "After Hours," calling her at her residence. That is right, there are government paid workers who drive around the streets, all night or day. This particular "car 86," drove over to our address and tried to come in. They wrote in their report that "no one was home." Funny. Both my son and i were asleep. Our phone was kept on, in case family phoned me on my birthday week. The only call that i received was from Kaelin's friend, Sasha, who asked to speak to my son - earlier in the day. Other than telephone solicitor's and bill collector's, our life was real low key that day and we did not even leave our house, after being out all day and into the late hours, the day and eve of my birthday on the 5th.

Someone does not like me and is hoping to sabotage my motherly efforts and relationship with my beloved boy. I have a very good idea ... Especially with the latest legalized slandering; "Katherine grounded Kaelin for a week .. locked him up in his bedroom ... because he ate something that was not raw." Oh, now i do know that it really was HER.That single mother who asked me "why are you grounding Kaelin?" I quickly reminded her, " Kimberly, you grounded your son or sons before and refused to let me know the reason." And, thus I did not give her the precise reasons and do not need Well, it was her older sons birthday and they had the usual unhealthy foods there, and i simply trusted ... Going for a healing 1 1/2 hr TCM, while my 14 year old boy went across the street to play inside -where she always keeps them - to play with two other homeschooling brothers.

I also thought that this latest 'stress' might be the work of the delinquent Dad who called me horrid names on Xmas day and has not called, since. Or, that these henious claims were made by someone in the system who has 'had it in for me,' for over a decade; since i was pregnant with Baby K, and has sabotaged me and my motherly efforts on many an occasion. She is the miserable one who attempted to
take my son, over 2 years ago, even though the worker, Bernstein, told her, " Marilyn, I can' take him. He just turned 12 years old. It is illegal." When we finally let them know where we had fled to, they had been trying to find us and apprehend him, still .... By that time, i had contracted a  top of the line, legal defence, and we were, thus, in a much safer position.

I am calling the papers, next week. I am sick of being told that I am "chopping up" my son and "serving him in a pot." As was first alleged, when i was 8 1/2 months pregnant. Goddess! Even when i was bringing beauty into this wondrous world, in the form of a beautiful baby, some un-kind of interruption was occuring. At that time, it was Maria Jackson, who was responsible for the mis-deeds. Just one more
mentally unstable woman, who's child was taken away by her own mother, who had lost her boob to the surgeon's knife, and was determined to slice up my joy into ugly, little pieces. Even my Doctor knows her and had to get a restraining order against this emotionally unfit person, after she almost gave his receptionist a nervous breakdown. Wished my Doc had stood up for me and spoken to that ministry that loves to question others in authority. Since the "Expert Witness" of a mother is always the last to be believed!

I AM so sick of all these trespasses done unto and against us. Time to really go public and the rest of the losers can pull their pubes , watch their t.v's, eat their cooked food, take their pills, believe their doctors diagnosis, and betray the single mother who only helped and loved them.

Sam Graci once told me, "You have squandered a lot of your energy." Yes, on fools with no healthy coping skills, who attempt to get me in trouble, rather than looking after their own children and learning to love and respect themselves.  Something i am so proud to announce that i am really learning how to put into action.

My son just called me from the playground and i have half an hour before we go for a walk, and to the gym. Guess I had better find that frayed old worn out rope and get that lock and key, ready ....

Says the evil witch.

Or, better still, how about earthly Angel that sadly, the sickened and demented look down upon. Since they are not able to raise themselves up to her glorious heights, they hope to lower her to theirs ...

See you, soon, sunshine.



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