Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Compassion Can and Must Be Be Everyone's Highest Fashion

Last chilly Vancouver evening, after a power weigh workout, infrared sauna and entertaining some drunkenly wealthy cheapskate  head-honcho's from The Canuck's, I was blessed to meet the most magical soul. Wearing the best that designer Betsy Johnson has to offer;, she scampered into the 24/7 Robson Street Blenz coffee shop; claiming her jacket had been left at the movie theatre, after she had come back from shopping late January sales. Wearing only a flimsy, pretty dress, she was obviously in a confused state - for those whom care to truly see.

This lovely young lady ,dressed like a bright-bird, in the wee hours, with no coat, and clicking a pair of painfully high - yet, pretty heels, claimed that she had just been arrested. After a spicy meal at the Thai restaurant, she discovered she had spent all the dollars in her bank account. Next, she told us that she had been taken on a trip to jail. Before a bunch of Sikh taxi cab drivers drove her around, since she no longer had keys to her own apartment, and no place to go or sleep.

Seems Malanesia Candy T. was also involved in a car accident, earlier that morning. Sweetness, herself, claimed that instead of local cops - FBI were called in .. .Asking her personal questions and basically , interrogating already bruised and beaten-up her. Fresh from a concussion, she was having quite the delirious day.

It was when she began reeling and went into a near diabetic coma, that we really began getting concerned. Giving our new friend an apple, we walked her up the street as far aw her stiletto's would carry her. Until she seemingly passed out, in front of a police cruiser. Another patrol car was alerted, since it was deemed 'this' might be the " hit and run" that had just been called in, up the street.

Finally, I obligingly left my confused new friend with 6 Vancouver police officers who were deciding whither to take her home, since they already had done this, earlier in the day. Or, whether to take her in an ambulance to St. Paul's Hospital, to get pumped full of drugs. I was assured that a social worker would be on site to take care of her, before my Kaelin and I ran, in the rain, to catch our 3 am bus, back to where dehydrated flax crackers and miso soup awaited us ..

What un-kind of a world is this?

A young gir of 27 years young and loving, meets a devoted single mom and her homeschooling teen son, empties out her whole life from her overflowing purse, to show me her newly purchased sales treasures. Asks me to accept her thoughtful gift of a Betsy Johnson necklae. Soon after, she is left alone with a battallion of well-intentioned police officers ... as is her seemingly regular practice.

Imagine is this lonely and confused female had no home on fancy Harwwod Street address in the West End?  If no neighbour friends had helped her, hours before ... ? Worse still, if no caring woman and her child, had enough compassion and caring to at least get her safely on her way home, on a cold winter's evening?

All we have to do is travel with a prayer in our pocket and a piece of fruit in our back-pack. An extra dollop of love in our hearts, surely does count, too!'

Katherine Marion



I have been experiencing a whole rash of unbelievable stories, lately. Late night incidents .. involving abandoned females and more ... One night, i even received $100.00's for bringing a dark character's girl friend back to him. N  stopped me at the  bus stop, after being left at a Granville street bar, wearing only the clothes on her back, carrying no ID, or coat, and practically falling off  a pair of expensive leather boots  - which she later took off, to walk in the rain, all over town, looking for her hotel.

Never wonder why? Just do what needs to be done and what you know in your truest heart of hearts to be right.


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