Monday, January 3, 2011

Supernatural is The Goddess! - Katherine's Birthday Wish List

Strutting through deep, wondrous woods

Supernatural be the Goddess I live within

 Their "Should not"s" turn to my"Should"s"

Breathing in beauty; others may see as sin

Owning my power as worn in my walk

Letting go of tired taboo's and old adages

Leaning on feminine powers that talk

Blazing new trails ruled by sexy savages

Taking off cruel bandages to dance divine

Joyful for juices flowing within magical me

Brave as a set of balls strung high and fine

Sensually swaying to sweet kisses; sublime

Attracting my highest self to stand ever tall

Fearlessly falling to rise with new audacity

Intending to leap as high as low I may fall

Attaining Heaven; high heeled and hellishly!

Katherine Marion


Every woman has a bit of the adventurer hidden .. somewhere. Find out what makes her clock tick, by tickling her fancy and turning her head. Not necessarily by the tricks you turn in bed. Or, the way you kiss her ass.  Continually dishing out cash. No more bowing down to stare at your own tattered feet. Look up at her .. For a Goddess-gift treat!



1. for hand-made handmaiden's semi-precious gems, set in finest silver.

    Polished to a sweetheart shine and loving sent from Poland - prettily sublime.

2. to satisfy the raw gorilla-girl that lusts after this fabulous Naramata families
     home-made Jogi Berry Granola, TO LIVE FOR!

    Pure darkest chocolate that melts between your luscious layers ... Filling Goddess-gifts with
    heightened vibrations of healing, health and happiness.

   Giving honourable mention to fermented olives as dark as the dirty we wipe from between our telling
   toes, to find pleasure in all that Gaia knows and grows. Here we Glows ...

3. in Barrie, Alberta for something udder than a cow-bruising beef steak-out.
    Rawsent dairy-free cheeses, created from soaked Brazil Nuts, to lose yours .. over.

    As well as a wonderful many orgasmically edible items found within previous orders of mine, that I
     am sure you may also wish to order for your newly rawk'nly ravenous self.

4.  to dress this size medium rawsome role-model for the magical
    masses to marvel over. Since my hips are slim, you may still win, by placing an order for the hottest,
    short skirt. Allowing the parts of precious me, to precociously flirt ...

5. for some of the yummiest yoga wear you ever wished to not be worn ...
     Wonderful winter hoodies to hide inside of and come out ... smiling. Tight, form-fitting tights,
     created with stretching your imagination .. in mindful mind.

     Vancouver - based consciousness raising company.

     Go wild ... I am.

6. for my favourite healers; essential oils to drop into my Himalayan Crystal
     bath, that my body aches for ... Scenting the room with real and heavenly fragrance that makes a
     true Goddess truly dance ...

    As with the above, my Utah friends and Dr. Gary Young, have my Canadian address and Utah,
    U.S., youth-elixer's .. purely and preciously prepared. Awaiting my tender tootsies and soft skin
    of my unprotected neck.

    Feeling good, all over .. already.

7. for my youth enhancing 200 hr Yoga Certifications with glorious Gloria and                                                                                               
    her long, lean, and lovely tight and toned Yogi's and Yogin's.

    Teachers Certifications, begins this winter .. anytime, soon.

    Bless you for this gift that keeps shining as this Supernatural soul keeps climbing her own inner charts

    to perfection that can never be seen. Merely gleened .. in the highest sense of the wondrously spirit-
    embracing word.

    I do solemnly swear and curse and pray!

8. for the present that my body needs to heal its many wounds. One 2
     person infrared crystal emitter sauna, built for detoxification, rejuvenation, and relaxation. As well
     as the best natural faee-lift , outside of a mud mask, a golden gal could ever ask or beautifully beg

9,  Singing lessons with a top Vancouver singer . Let's top the charts and get this songbird to spread
     her victorious vocal wings . As she unabashedly sings ...

10. for wondrously wicked Italian Designer Sexiest Stiletto's to strut.
      Prettiest leather purses, painted with semi-precious gems to flaunt and find only favour with.

      Size 9 or a European 40 - prettiest PLEASE!!!!

11. for some really sweetheart baby-doll deals. Enough to make a grown-up
      puppy doggy drool. Do it now, before you call yourself a damned fool.

      34F - bra size ( the only real boobs in N.America!!!! )

       medium for maddenly magnificent panties.

12. www.BlueRuby. com - Rainswept Vancouver-based jewellery store, with the a gorgeous selection
      of Turquoise and Ruby and ... precious gems, made for dried-off, and never dried-up Goddess.

13.  Hand- painted, baby blue jeans, stitched with sexiest flair.

       You find em - so there!

14. for this Supernatural Woman to swing herself into a frenzy .. Hanging
      by a God-sent string, she does, all inhibitions  ... fling.

      As well as a wondrous many another and then some ... thing.

15 on Granille Street, close to home. Call them up by phone and ask for
       freshest, lovely Lilies - meant for LOVE.

16. in the eye-catching Kootenay's, for some purely refreshing ways
      to light up my life and yours ...

     Throw in a few incense sticks for good and Goddess-sent measure.

    Simply a part of my purest pleasure.

    Thank you for your Gentlemanly Gratitude.

    Goes along with my brilliantly and even more beautiful birthday attitude!!!

 Bonus Gifts  - Deserving Special Mentions to click on DONATE.

      Then, i can surprise you ...

       Maybe on my next yummy youtube video - made just for SPECIAL YOU!

 to check out darling details ... 2 front row tx for my teen, homeschooling
       rising-Son and I.

       With all my purest purpose ... i AM ATTENDING, NOW

        Queen Elizabeth Theatre - March 12th, 2011 - Vancouver, B.C.

 - nothing like a TCM package to help pamper and look after this
        "Amazing Mommy," as my beautiful boy, so brightly and beautifully proclaims. Bless you,
         darling Baby K - Kaelin.

 in Victorious Vancouver, B.C.

       Just ask them ... They know everything that I like and even more that I rawsomely ADORE.

        Breast .. yet. Some new and outrageously sexy or even, demurely subdued .. professional pics
        captured by - as seen above - mine from 2 youthful years ago.
        You may want to even fly me out to some exotic locale to shoot with another celebrity
         photographer, of the finest and fittest ilk. Fits like silk .. to the smoothness that flows through
         mystical ME.

         Oh, and a flirty, layered style and razor cut, thanks to Bo at his downtown Vancouver hair salon,
          in the wonderful Wall Centre Hotel.

         Sorry, you will have to phone front desk and ask for Bo's # and call away ...
         Thanks so mesmerizingly much!

         Maybe, I shall even be blessed to receive 2 tx to .THE ABBA REVIVAL, this January 5th, 2011

         i BELIEVE tx can be pleasingly purchased through for those front row seats.


         Finally .. spread these wings and send me soaring .. Costa Rica in the Spring. Machu Pichu in the

         I am easy - so to speak.

        Passport, soon to be re-printed and eyes ready to peek ...



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