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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Worst Birthday On Record - To ME!

Tears of utter sadness fall from my  tired face

Yesterday's bitter pain; feels it will never erase 

Up long since midnight, 28 activating hours ago

Full day,mindfully creating; in the glow and flow 

Showing every stranger met; unconditional  love 

Earthly Angel Am I , yet - from blessed above 

Smiling, graciously, while others hold daggers

Always grounded;  where a drunkard staggers 

Fighting back a torrent of un-spent, jagged tears 

Lack of love offered for so many wretched years

Trying to hard to make up for a hulking deficit 

 Goddess-sent sweetness does not cover up shit

Pretty keyboard; wet with my own hurting heart

Doesn't anyone  know i have this tender part?

 Late night,  credit card glitch and no food for us

Nary a spare quarter  to give a beggar at the bus

Not even one  orange; that we did kindly ask for 

My pink muscle - deep inside - is now so very sore

Lack of compassion in a world of mad money

"Laughing all the way to the bank;" not funny

Supernatural Woman with sites set so high

Did not pay her $100.00 bill; her creations did die

Suspended, as screaming stars in  clear, dark skies

Every mindless second -  a starving child; he dies 

What can you expect in  a world of gross inhumanity?

Women charging on streets; Porsche' parked for free

Gave away those sweet sweaters to that single mom

Glad  she lets me know that i am the thankful one

Other one ...  can't take truth and hides behind the church

Owning my power puts her lies in a jeopardizing lurch 

Wanting my son to "support" her homeschooling boys

With mainly Wi and video games; 'stupid-making' toys

Called a "Fucking Bitch," by dearest dead-beat Dad

Upon my child's recent Xmas day; how utterly sad

Chronic sleep deprivation ..nary a soul, really knows

Blow her down .. until she finally goes .. and blows!

Fuses do break, nerves can snap and hearts will break

Everyone is "busy," and always on the timely take

Those of us who bestow our infinite love are not exempt

Deserving to be treated with respect; not crass contempt

Last evening, that gay guy, "still in the closet,' was so rude

Another man-made misogynist; always so ugly and crude

You may hit me with your dirty nail and golden hammer

Yet, never will you cause this poet to even stammer

Must be why my late rent and eviction seems as if naught

For finer folk are robbed than fools such as those un-caught

i AM  all that i give and when i am dead, burnt, and gone

Your money will be saved ; never shall you  be wrong!

Katherine Marion


Well, about the only thing that made this 'bitter pill' so much easier to swallow ... Rather than wallow... was a free styling and haircut. Thanks to my rising son; now sporting shoulder length hair, after 3 teens surrounded him in an alley, and cut off his foot long braid, Kaelin is ready to visit a modelling agency, next week. And Momma K can grown out her own stressed tresses, even better, with a nice trim to tuck her troubles in ...

Of course, that older guy at Blenz, buying me an herbal Peony  and Chamomile Tea, was quite sweet. Eating raw chocolate and listening to him recite poetry, right across the street. Drunk on 'only wine,' that he had not drunk a drop of since, last night. Yet, easily affording the word; "gracious," so mindfully put into heart-felt action. Eating his sugary Cinnamon Roll, asking permission to go to the washroom, and forgetting to wash his hands, before shaking mine.

Tender souls will always find one another on a wet and windy winter's Vancouver evening. All i can do,  for all the rest of those lost  and restless souls; is to forever, keep believing ....!!!!!


Hopefully, my various valiant efforts and victorious sites .. shall soon be resurrected with the help of kindly donator's.

Please send your love and gratitude to  - rawsome - via

Thanks, with all my open heart!

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